HIMSS SHIFT Group Discount Request

Please provide your name, email and phone in the spaces below if you would like to get a discount to attend SHIFT and the HIMSS13 conference in New Orleans in March.

If enough people indicate an interest in joining this group (minimum of 10), a group will be formed and there will be a 15% discount. If a group is formed, you will be notified by January 31 (or sooner if there are at least 10 already) with details on how to obtain the discount.

Enough people must sign up by January 31 to allow the group to be formed and registrations made by February 4th to get the lowest rate.

Non-member rate without discount: $1,150.00

Member rate without discount: $850.00

Non-member rate with discount: $977.50

Member rate with discount: $722.50

(HIMSS membership costs $160.00, so it is worth it to purchase a membership before registering.)

(Each person is responsible for their own travel and accomodations. There may be discounts available through the HIMSS web site, but please note that hotels are already filling up due to the large number of people attending the conference.)


If you have any questions, please contact info@42tek.com